Our Story

Founded by Ritha Pierre, FREEda Women NYC is an apparel and accessories line. We use fashion as a platform to help driven, professional women realize their full potential and  accomplish desired results.

Why FREEda?

Inspired by our founder's grandmother, dedication, tenacity and enterprising spirit, FREEda Women NYC is a play on words that revolves around the owner and operator’s grandmother, Freda Sainteus and the concept that every woman should be FREE to express themselves stylistically. Freda is known as “Da” by her granddaughter, Ritha . Because Ritha is focused on helping women prosper, she drew upon the courage and entrepreneurial spirit as well as the high fashion of her “Da” in order to create her store. Now, FREEda Women NYC is an homage to hard-working women everywhere. 

The Story of "Da"

Freda Sainteus was an ambitious and driven girl from Baraderes, Haiti. Because Freda lost her parents at a very young age, she had to learn how to make it on her own. With barely a middle school education, she developed a business acumen, negotiation skills, and a dedication to women that fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. All the while, she remained at the height of fashion. Freda’s high-end accessorizing left an impression on her granddaughter, as well as with the town she grew up in. Freda became a symbol of women’s empowerment to her community through her tireless work ethic, and her fashion outwardly reflected her drive and passion to all who crossed her path.

“Da” never left her home without wearing a set of pearls or a brooch. Her nails were always done, she always had on a fashion watch. She exuded confidence. Just like her grandmother, you will always find Ritha with a brooch or some form of fashion accessory. Ritha’s grandmother’s focus on the external appearance had nothing to do with vanity, but it had everything to do with reality. The double-standard that women face is often debilitating, but in Ritha’s experience, a good appearance will make all the difference.

Picture of "Da" and Ritha

Grandma and I

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