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The beginning of a new year holds great significance for many reasons. While it may mark the end of a period for some, it is also the beginning of a new era for others. Often times, it is easy to get carried away with all of the festivities and celebration that you may forget to set goals and plans for the forthcoming year. A lot of times, people may get so geared up with the excitement and euphoria of a new calendar year that they may  begin to setup unrealistic plans often termed ‘resolutions’ that they have no clear intention of keeping.

How then do you make sure that you maintain a happy and focused year? Do you have plans in place to ensure that you having a great year reflect in all areas of your life from your relationships, family and even career? How can you ensure that that you make simple and subtle changes that will guarantee that you have great year at work?  By understanding that every decision you make and the mind-set you carry sets the pace for the nature of achievements or disappointments you will face, you can then strive to make each coming year the best while ensuring you have an amazing work year. With these ten simple steps, you can discover ways to kick-start a great year at work.

  • Evaluate your past performance: Being too critical of yourself is a flaw that would hold you back as you begin to restrict yourself from new experiences. However, it is important to take a moment to review your past work year and objectively point out the successes, failures and team victories. In doing this, not only do you learn where to improve upon, but you also gain first-hand knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t. The key here is to approach this evaluation with a positive and constructive mind-set while looking forward to the New Year.
  • Rebuild burned bridges: Being a team player can be a lot of work. Often times, when working with others, conflicts tend to occur and this could results to loss of inter-personal work relationships. However, it is important to understand that every member of the team is important regardless of the station and by extending a hand of friendship to previous rivals, you not only gain new allies but you also strengthen the team and build a stronger network that is success minded.
  • Set new goals: Having evaluated the goals of the past year, you should also set new and most importantly realistic goals to be achieved in the forthcoming year. These goals could involve previously unfulfilled targets mixed with newer aims with a positive attitude to carry the whole team along.
  • Reinvent the rule book: It is easy to get stuck in a rut as a result of following the rules. What then happens when these rules do no yield any results? By suggesting new plans and strategies using actual research, you bring out the whole work environment from a boring routine while incorporating the exhilaration of trying something new and effective.
  • Build patience by finding joy in the little things: Unhappiness starts off as a habit and builds up over time into a big ball of depression just like the snowball effect. Focus less on what should be and more on what is. By turning your sights on the bigger picture, your ironically learn to see the little things and find more joy in them.
  • Build value every day: A great way to start off an amazing work year is learning how to provide value to others. Whether it is customer relations or meeting up with team targets and deadlines, by contributing your efforts to achieve a common goal and provide value to a cause, you improve your overall work condition.
  • Reconnect with friends and family: This is perhaps one of the most important items on this list. We often tend to get carried away with the frenzy of earning more and achieving more success that we forget that our happiness is a sum of our overall life. Spend some quality time with family to hangout, talk and do some fun activities and avoid bringing your work home with you.
  • Find your strength and play to them: The journey to self-discovery is truly an amazing experience; it lets you discover your strengths and weakness and shows you what you can do to improve on them. By understanding your strengths, you can then concentrate your efforts and hard work to areas where it will be more productive.
  • Slow down to a comfortable pace: Competition is a natural human instinct. It is therefore not strange to want to keep up with everyone else and achieve the same successes as the next person. However, you should also understand that each person has his/her own journey and therefore, try to undertake each task at your own pace or risk facing a burnout.
  • Keep a journal: Keeping a journal involves more than just writing down major objectives and points. It helps you track your progress while creating a comparative canvass that allows you to either slow down or speed up. By keeping a journal, you find more clarity in your day to day work life.

Achieving a great work-life balance is important if you want to improve your overall career. While there are several steps to employ to maintain a great work year, these ten steps are a great way to start and implementing them will help you kick-start a great new year at work.

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